Friday, December 7, 2007

Sue Scheff: I DEFEATED WWASPS (Carolina Springs Academy)

I have been contacted by several parents that stated that Carolina Springs Academy has been telling parents that I lost the lawsuits - please understand, I not only won the lawsuit in a jury trial - I defeated them in the Supreme Court of Appeals after they appealed my victory - I won again!

There are legal documents to prove my victories.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sue Scheff - Continuing to be a Parent Advocate

I have written a lot about my victories both legally and the success of my organization PURE, that has literally helped thousands of families throughout the past 7+ years.

Click here for more details of my first hand experiences.

I have been interviewed on major media outlets including most recently sitting down with Martin Bashir at 20/20 ABC News - i-Caught, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, USA Today and many more. It has been an experience of a life time and the best part is, I have served as a voice for so many that have been victims of Internet Abuse or a Parent struggling to help their teens.